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A black bear at Tower Junction in Yellowstone, seen on a Yellowstone tour from West Yellowstone.
One Day Yellowstone Tour From Jackson
$249.00/person for 9 to 10 people, $270.00/person for 7 to 8 people, $355.00/person for 5 to 6 people, $445.00/person for 3 to 4 people and a flat rate of $1250.00 for 1 to 2 people; not per person
All prices are in US currency.
  • The most comprehensive one day Yellowstone tour from Jackson!
  • Watch Old Faithful and other geysers erupt!
  • See much wildlife!
  • Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone!
  • Highly skilled guide leading a small group tour!
  • Scroll down for the tour itinerary, or click here.
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Day 1  -  Welcome!
Our company has been running tours for over 20 years now, so we must be doing something right! This is the most complete one day Yellowstone tour from Jackson available anywhere! Our guides have an enormous knowledge of Yellowstone, its thermal features, wildlife, scenery, history and geology, which makes your tour so much more interesting and enjoyable. While this tour is a small group tour, we can also accommodate large private groups and charters as well!
Day 1  -  Jackson to West Thumb  -  79 mi / 127.11 km  -  About 2 hours, 30 minutes
This Yellowstone tour from Jackson will pick you up at your hotel. Our focus today is on Yellowstone's geysers, other thermal features, wildlife, and incredible beauty!

You will make your way through Jackson, and into Grand Teton National Park. We'll take a leisurely drive through Grand Teton, stopping at a few of the main vantage points. If we see a bear or moose or anything else special we'll also stop for pictures, but please remember that this is more of a Yellowstone tour and not a Grand Teton tour! You'll definitely have a chance to take some pictures of the Teton mountains, towering almost 14 000 feet (4 300 meters) into the Wyoming sky.
We'll enter Yellowstone at the south entrance, and make our way north, pausing for pictures along the way, including at Lewis Falls (named after Captain Meriwether Lewis from Lewis and Clark fame). Lewis Canyon towers over the Lewis River as it makes its way to the Snake River, and is always good for a photo stop. Your guide will explain to you how the great Yellowstone fire of 1988 actually leapt over the canyon, from the other side, to where you're standing. If anyone is in need of a cup of coffee or tea, we may also stop briefly at Grant Village on the way.
West Thumb is a particularly picturesque geyser basin right on the shores of Yellowstone Lake. There is an extensive boardwalk system which makes its way through the thermal features, and you'll be able to stroll all the way around. An elk herd hangs out in the area, and with any luck, you may see a couple!
Day 1  -  West Thumb to Old Faithful  -  19 mi / 30.57 km  -  About 45 minutes
It's a short drive from West Thumb to the Upper Geyser Basin, where Old Faithful is located. We'll cross the Continental Divide twice along the way, and will stop at Isa Lake.
Day 1  -  Old Faithful  -  Take your time and enjoy!
For many people, Old Faithful is the highlight of their Yellowstone tour. Old Faithful is the world's best known and most reliable gusher, and soon you'll be watching it erupt. No tour to Yellowstone would be complete without that! This may also be a good time to enjoy the sack lunch we have prepared for you, while you watch the geyser go through its motions. There are benches in a semi-circle around Old Faithful, or you can go to Old Faithful Lodge, on the far side of the geyser, and see if you can find a comfortable chair there.
Day 1  -  Lots to see and do at Old Faithful!  -  Stroll around and explore!
There is a lot more to the Upper Geyser Basin than only Old Faithful. There are many other geysers in the area as well, and you should also be able to walk around and take in some of them. Castle Geyser, seen in the pictures below, is a large cone geyser, which is only about a 10 minute walk from Old Faithful. Even if it is not erupting while you are on tour, there is always steam flowing out of the top of Castle.

Old Faithful Inn is a wonderful and historic old wooden building, one of the greatest in the National Park system, and well worth a visit.
Day 1  -  Old Faithful to Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone  -  45 mi / 72.41 km  -  About 2 hours, 45 minutes
Leaving Old Faithful and the Upper Geyser Basin, we are now in the heart of Yellowstone's geyser country! The other two main geyser basins are the Midway and Lower Basins, but there are other smaller basins that are also a treat to visit. We hope to take in one or both of Black Sand Basin and Biscuit Basin.
The next stop is the Midway Geyser Basin, home to Grand Prismatic Spring - one of the largest anywhere in the world - as well as Excelsior Geyser, now dormant, but discharging thousands of gallons of water every minute. The boardwalk system will take you through the basin, enabling you to get a close look at Grand Prismatic and its bacteria mats.
The Lower Geyser Basin is probably best known for Fountain Paint Pot, but you will also see all four of Yellowstone's thermal features here, including geysers, hot springs, mud pots and fumaroles. There is once again a boardwalk system running around and through the area, which you can explore.
Across the way is Firehole Lake Drive, a less visited part of the park that is home to some great hot springs and geysers. Gushers that we hope to be able to show you erupting here include White Dome as well as a couple of very small geysers. The beauty of this area is that you can be driving along, and see a geyser erupting in a place you never even knew there was one!
The road to our next major stop, Norris Geyser Basin, passes Gibbon Falls, a waterfall on the Gibbon River.
Norris Geyser Basin is the most thermally active part of Yellowstone, and is divided into two separate areas, namely Porcelain Basin and Back Basin. We'll take a look at both basins, and in Back Basin we'll wander as far as Steamboat Geyser, currently the world's highest active geyser. There is very little chance of Steamboat actually erupting while you're there, but as the name suggests, there is always steam coming out of it.
We'll now cut across the road separating Yellowstone's two loops, from Norris to Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone. Yellowstone's Grand Canyon is a surprise to many. You don't really expect to see this finely carved and intricately detailed canyon amongst all of the park's wildlife and thermal features. We'll stop first at Artist Point on the south side of the canyon, before crossing the Yellowstone River, and taking in the North Rim Drive, including the brink of the Upper Falls. You feel like you're so close to the water that you can almost reach down and touch the falls!
Day 1  -  Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone to West Thumb  -  38 mi / 61.14 km  -  About 2 hours, 20 minutes
The Hayden Valley, home to a lot of Yellowstone's wildlife, is our next major stop. There is a special serene beauty to this part of Yellowstone, with the Yellowstone River flowing through the lush plains, creating an environment rich in plant and animal life. There are always lots of buffalo in the Hayden Valley, as well as the possibility of seeing a bear, if you're lucky!
The following part of our trip sees us following the west shoreline of Yellowstone Lake, back to West Thumb, with a quick stop first at Mud Volcano. We'll go past Fishing Bridge, which leads to the east entrance of the park, and then Lake Hotel, with the incredibly blue lake to the east for over 20 miles (32 kilometers). If you are very lucky, we may chance upon a small, unnamed geyser erupting in the middle of nowhere.
Day 1  -  West Thumb to Jackson  -  79 mi / 127.11 km  -  About 2 hours, 15 minutes
We'll make our way south from West Thumb, retracing our steps out of Yellowstone, into Grand Teton, and back to Jackson, where you'll be dropped off at your hotel. Thanks for joining us!
Please be aware that park entry is not included on this tour, and you will need to pay it on arrival.
We regret that no cancellations or changes will be accepted, and no refunds will be given.

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  • Payment And Cancellation Details: CANCELLATIONS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED FOR THIS TOUR. Changes will also not be accepted, and refunds will not be given. Please consider purchasing trip insurance as our cancellation policy is strictly enforced. Your card will be charged within 12 hours of making the booking. The credit/debit card used must be in your name and must be present, so we can take an imprint. Please contact us if this is not possible. Please ensure you have the card you used with you. If the card is not in your name please let us know ahead of time, as our credit card authorization process will need to be completed.
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  • The dates this tour runs can be seen in the calendar at the top right of this page.
  • A sack lunch is included.
  • Park entry is not included. If you have a National Parks pass you can use that to get yourself and three others in your group into both Grand Teton and Yellowstone. If you have already been into Grand Teton or Yellowstone in your own car in the past six days, that receipt will get you into the relevant park(s). The cost otherwise is $20 per person per park.
  • Pick ups take place at all in-town Jackson hotels and Airbnb's.
  • All times are approximate and we are not responsible for the consequences of a late arrival back into Jackson. The tour itinerary may change at our discretion without notice. Bad weather, road closures or other factors beyond our control may result in our cancelling the tour, with a full refund.
  • Portions of this tour may, at our discretion, be subcontracted to other reputable vendors.
  • After ordering this tour please wait to receive a confirmation email from us before making any plans that are dependent on this tour.
  • There are no taxes. Please note, however, that a guide’s gratuity is excluded, but is expected in the USA for services well delivered.

This tour can be ordered online here.  Please call us at 1 800 724 7767 or (USA) 435 658 2227, or mail us for additional information.