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West Rim Indian bus tour with optional skywalk
$170.00 per person
All prices are in US currency.
  • Plenty of time to walk over the Skywalk (extra charge)
  • Great views of the Grand Canyon, plus you meet & interact with real Indians from the Hualapai Tribe, who actually live in the Canyon!
  • The tour passes through one of the oldest and largest Joshua tree forests in the world
  • Stand up high, and gaze thousands of feet down below, over the spectacular vistas at Eagle & Guano Points, amongst others.
  • All-you-can-eat buffet lunch served by the Hualapai Indians on the edge of the Canyon!
  • Incredible views of the Grand Canyon
  • Shortest travel time of any Grand Canyon tour
  • Free pick up and drop off at almost all Vegas hotels
  • Great exposure to Native American culture
  • Scroll down for the tour itinerary, or click here.

You will be picked up at your Las Vegas hotel at about 7 a.m., and enjoy a light breakfast with juice on the way to your Grand Canyon West Rim tour. The West Rim is a lot closer to Las Vegas than the North or South, and you will be away for about 11 hours.

After traveling over Hoover Dam, and through the desert, you will leave the main highway, and meander through the desolation, passing alongside one of the largest and oldest Joshua Tree forests in the country. The scenery is both beautiful and desolate. The West Rim of the Grand Canyon is home to the Hualapai (pronounced wal-a-pie) Native Americans. Their reservation encompasses some of the most remote land in the United States, and about 1000 tribal members live there.

At the West Rim you will have the opportunity to walk over the Skywalk, but will need to pay the Hualapai tribe an additional amount (top of page) for this. This can be ordered on the next page when you order the tour.

The views are both beautiful and awe inspiring, and you will have ample time to enjoy them, before sitting down for an all-you-can-eat buffet lunch. This is prepared and served by members of the tribe, right on the West Rim, at Guano Point.

You will have the opportunity to experience authentic Indian culture, and interact with the members of the tribe. Feel free to hike the trail leading to the highest point at the rim, and to enjoy the scenic majestic view of the Colorado River far below.

You will be away for about 11 hours, and be dropped off back at your hotel at 6 p.m.

Day 1  -  West Rim Indian bus tour with optional skywalk

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  • Skywalk (Price subject to change): +$0
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This tour can be ordered online here.  Please call us at 1 800 724 7767 or (USA) 435 658 2227, or mail us for additional information.